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Somewhere in the sea ....., Pearl Islands Panama

Today we are going to immerse ourselves under the warm waters of the Pacific in Pearl Islands, in Panama, we hired a trip with Mr. Guillermo from Coral Dreams who took us to know this wonderful silent world with so much fauna and colors that the place gives us.

Once we reached the point of immersion we submerged and broke the barrier between air and water and our adventure began.

We began to see a bottom of rocks of volcanic origin, forming a kind of platelets where it is the habitat of many fish and corals, you can also see small caves where small families of white-fin sharks rest very peacefully.

and while we dive we dive large schools of fish overflow around us as if dancing by our side, offering us a welcome, where we can appreciate groups of soldier fish, salemas, rainbow runners, blue surgeons, parrot fish, triger fish, butterflies, angels, snapper , harlequin, pelagic, horse mackerel, bojalas the well-known jacks, deeper we see groupers, peacock corals or brain coral, posylopores or orange coral.

After about 50 minutes, back to the surface, carrying within me an immense joy for the wonderful world discovered just a few minutes from our beach and a couple of hours from the city.

Thank you Guillermo, for your passion for the sea and the nature that surrounds you and especially thank you for caring for and respecting a valuable treasure.

Photographer: Raoul Caprez

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